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She is nothing short of amazing. She has helped me so much and I am eternally grateful to her.

-Jennifer D.

Gwen is amazing! She is incredibly knowledgeable and has an exceptional healing touch.. She knows exactly how to pinpoint my areas of need in such a remarkably intuitive way.  She is also very easy to talk to.  I always leave there feeling better.  I have been going to Gwen for a few months now and will be going there for years to come!  

-Beth B

Gwen is a skilled Massage Therapist. She can work deep in the tissue and uses many techniques to give an overall great massage. I'm so glad I found Restorative Massage and Gwen. I plan to become a regular!

-Robin D.

Gwen is extremely knowledgeable and gifted. I would recommend her highly to anyone, but especially those with nagging injuries or pain. She is not your average therapist!

-Denel B.

Always a great massage - Gwen works out all the knots and kinks.  Very relaxing as well - I highly recommend!

Gary B.

Gwen is a top-notch professional who combines a fantastic therapeutic massage with an amazing sensory, almost spiritual experience. The actual physical massage that she delivers is a continuous flow of soothing and healing pressure that helps to release tension and "loosen" knots and pockets of stress. She also diffuses various scents in her massage room and uses unique lotions that have therapeutic properties. She checks in with her clients at the beginning of each session to discuss trouble spots and any physical pain you are experiencing. She is truly "one-of-a-kind", and I highly recommend her on all fronts.

-Lynda W.

I had a prenatal massage and it was great. So relaxing, and all my soreness and sciatic pain melted away. I was very comfortable and relaxed, which is hard when you’re pregnant. Gwen is super friendly and very knowledgeable in what she does. I was recommended to her, and I will recommend her to everyone I know!! Can't wait for my next massage!

-Natalie B.

I went to Gwen at Restorative Massage Therapy in Somerville for the first time yesterday for a massage, and she is amazingly talented.  She helped relax muscles that were stiff, and she even found one area in my upper back that I didn't realize was so tight.  She asked for feedback during the massage, to let her know about how firm to press.  The room was clean and fresh and the calming music and gentle scents added to the fantastic experience.  I haven't felt this good in a while.  Gwen is extremely professional and this was the best massage I've ever had.
I would definitely recommend her to anyone!

-Cathie R.

 Gwen is a great listener and never fails to address my biggest issues first. I've learned that often where I feel pain isn't where the issue really is. She's made me a believer in the value of massage therapy where once I thought it was a luxury. I highly recommend her!

-Jack K.

Gwen is awesome! Very welcoming and takes the time to see what aches and pains your experiencing, providing tips and techniques to help with the day to day. After leaving, no more back pain and leg pain from running is relieved.

-Peter L.

Great massage practice. Gwen's massages always relieve my various backaches and muscle soreness after golf and workouts at the gym.  Tell her what's bothering you and she will work it out. Highly recommended.

-Sam B.

Gwen is THE BEST!  I have chronic neck and shoulder problems.  She knows just what to do to make me feel my best.  I highly recommend her!  You will not be disappointed.

-Gina C.

Had another wonderful massage by Gwen. She always manages to fix what ails for my sore muscles and joints. Very relaxing. Great communication. Many different massage choices. Highly recommended!

-Allison D.

 "I just wanted to say Thank you so much. I always feel so much better after I see you. 
Your deep tissue massage method is very beneficial for me. As you work on me, I know it might be a little uncomfortable, but I know that it needs to be sometimes in order to feel better!  I came to you recently because I was diagnosed with a sinus infection. I knew your magic hands would help and I would have have a pain-free recovery. I came to see you after my sinus infection went away but I had some residual head, neck & upper back pain and in just the one session it has been relieved, totally. You have an amazing way of working to help me feel better, quickly."

Rosanne A.

 I am a 62 year old retired Army Veteran who has never had a massage in my life until about a month ago.  I suffer from multiple problems such as; arthritis in my hands, feet, knees, shoulders and lower back, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, and have had rotators cuff surgery on both shoulders and surgery on both feet.  All from 22 years of service with no regrets. 

 I finally decided to join the rest of the world and have a full body massage by Gwen who was referred by the YMCA in Somerville.  It took me six months to finally, not know what to expect.  I just decided to put my fear aside and trust in Gwen. 

 I got the Integrative Massage with medium pressure and it was unbelievable. There was no pain.  I've NEVER felt that way in my life  I will tell anyone and trust me I have been talking about this with everyone that will listen, my Doctors at the VA hospital, my therapist, the nurses, and my family.  If you've never had a massage, you are depriving yourself.  It's not a miracle because when you go back out and face the tension and stress of the real world some knots come back.  But at least now I know I can always go back to Gwen for relief and today I did just that for the second time.

 Gwen is such a warm, nurturing, calm peaceful person who is gifted and able to make you feel so comfortable when you meet her.  She and knows where all those little knots are hiding.  Try it and you'll be hooked.  I am.  Thank you Gwen for making my first experience a success.  And I still don't know how she does it, but I'm grateful she does.

 -Verna M.

 I have had shoulder pain for the last five years.  First, the doctor prescribed a topical pain reliever which lessened the pain but did not treat the source of pain.  I then tried physical therapy which helped somewhat, but unfortunately, after the treatments ended, I was not disciplined enough to strictly follow the at-home exercises. With time, my shoulders got worse, but I did not return to the orthopedic surgeon because he suggested cortisone injections.  Eventually, someone mentioned therapeutic massage as an alternative treatment and, although I was skeptical, I was in so much pain that I decided to give it a try.  Just before my first massage, I could not extend my right arm out in front of me without pain.  After my first massage with Gwen, I felt an immediate improvement: my range of motion increased and the pain decreased.  I started weekly shoulder massages and after a few months, I was able to space out the massages to every three weeks.  I feel like a new person.  The ongoing ache is gone and I am able to extend my arms out in all directions.  In addition, I have had intermittent hip pain and Gwen works on that when needed.  Gwen has really made a difference in my life and she did it without drugs or invasive procedures—just her hands.  I cannot thank her enough.

- Doreen G.

 As a recipient of massage for many years, I’m very particular in choosing my massage therapist.  As a therapist, Gwen is the best I’ve found. She’s very knowledgeable, grounded, and tuned into her client’s needs. Throughout my sessions with Gwen I’ve come to trust in the healing power of massage.  I always leave feeling rejuvenated and relaxed - a great combination!  Gwen is wonderful about using whichever of the many massage techniques she has mastered to best "unknot" me.

- Loretta M.

I really enjoyed my prenatal massage with Gwen. She was very professional and gentle. I had some pain in my ribs prior to the massage and afterwards it felt much better. The massage also helped alleviate some of my lower back pain. I especially enjoyed having my legs and feet massaged. When I left I felt refreshed and limber! I would highly recommend this type of massage to any expectant mother or to an expectant father as a gift for his wife or girlfriend.

Thanks again Gwen, it really was fantastic!

 -Kelly G.

I have been getting monthly massages from Gwen for a year now.  I am a long distance runner, putting in about 30 to 40 miles a week, suffering from tight hamstrings and lower back pain.  No matter how much I stretch, nothing relieves my pain like Gwen's massages; she is highly trained to work all my muscles in a relaxing way to relieve my pain. After my longest race, a 25k, I started suffering from plantar fasciitis in my right arch, went to see Gwen and with her neuromuscular techniques she massaged the pain away and I no longer suffer any pain in the arch of my foot.  Since I have been getting my therapeutic massage once a month I have been able to run in races ranging from 5k to 25k, hoping one day to do a full marathon.  I am a firm believer in getting massages.  Thanks Gwen for your talent!


- Melissa S.

Gwen is fabulous! I suffer from pretty frequent headaches and migraines, many times brought on by tension in my neck, shoulders and back. I've always done stretching on my own but that was never quite enough. Since I've been seeing Gwen, the frequency of my headaches has decreased dramatically! My chiropractor (who I haven't visited since seeing Gwen regularly) even recommended that everyone should get a good, therapeutic massage as often as they can afford to. I've received massages from others but Gwen is definitely the best!

-Deb S.

Being a dog walker by trade, I had been living with a very cranky right shoulder.  I’m so happy that I found Gwen, because I feel so much better after a full body massage and with subsequent treatments, have actually regained full range of motion in my shoulder.

Not only is she well skilled in her trade, she is also a delightful soul with a caring attitude that leaves you with a wonderful sense of well-being.  Thank you!

- Pat G.

Gwen has been working on my body for the past few months. She has very successfully resolved both hamstring and iliotibial issues I have had for more than two years. In addition, my flexibility as a result of sessions with Gwen, has improved tremendously.

- John D. 4th degree black belt, World Oyama Karate

I was fortunate enough to acquire the gift of Gwen as a side effect of my wife’s treatment for two herniated cervical discs. Rebecca, my wife, was introduced to Gwen while undergoing rehab. Massage is employed as part of the treatment to increase blood flow to affected areas, to extend ROM through manipulated passive stretching, promoting healing and enabling relaxation. Gwen obviously has the physiological end down pat. My wife, who is particular, would not accept less.

I, on the other hand, having no particular maladies (other than the mild stress of being a CFO), enjoy the total body relaxation that Gwen’s talented hands inspire. I am unwittingly lulled into a dream-state as she professionally, methodically, manipulates her way around my body, releasing any found tension or anxiety – and am nearly catatonic as she finishes with a deep cleansing breathe and a quiet “thank you”. I think this woman is magic.

- Billy L.

Gwen is an amazing woman. My massages with her make all the difference in the world. She lives life without putting any of her feelings and emotions on the back burner. She knows how to put things into perspective. She is an excellent listener. And she knows every single point on my body where I harbor stress, which she then proceeds to completely eradicate through massage. I can feel the negative energy leave my body as she is massaging me! She helped me focus on the positives in everything.

- Jennie G.

Can't thank you enough for "de-stressing" me.   You are absolutely fantastic!!   If this is the beginning of your new career, you are well on your way because I would have thought you have been doing this for years. Having a massage is the greatest reward we can give ourselves.  With me working out in the gym my muscles get very sore, plus dealing with our everyday stressful lives.  I can't think of any other way to soothe my mind and body.  I can't wait to book another appointment.

- Maria P.

Gwen Stanton's holistic massage service may very well be the best I've ever received.  Starting with open and thorough communication about the treatment, Gwen's knowledge of several methods of massage and patient explanation of said begins the massage experience with relaxation, confidence, and competence.  The massage itself is thorough and relaxing.  Gwen communicates throughout the massage making sure there's never too much pressure or discomfort without disturbing the cocoon of relaxation she creates.  Whether it be a full body massage or a massage to treat a specific area of the body, Gwen's cool confidence and expert hands make one truly relish the experience and long for a hasty return even before she's completed her work.

- Justin L.

Gwen is an excellent massage therapist who uses lots of different techniques to stimulate and ease the muscles. The relaxing environment Gwen creates is great! I would highly recommend her services to anyone. I’ve never been disappointed and have always left feeling refreshed and renewed!

- John C.  

After my massage with Gwen I got a great night sleep. The oils she used on my hands felt great. I haven't had the dry and achy skin on my hands since the massage. It was great!  I couldn't thank her enough her hands are magic!

- Caity S.

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