Deep Tissue Massage $95-60 Minutes $135-90 Minutes

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on acute conditions, like neck pain, low back pain, or headaches.  Based on your condition it is an overall firm massage session with deep, focused work on tight areas and zero in on the source. It does not always encompass the entire body as its intent is often on a few specific problem areas. You will leave this massage feeling like your muscles have been relaxed at a deeper level.

"Deep tissue" encompasses a wide range of techniques and does not necessarily mean "deep pressure with lots of elbows". Generally the work is performed to the edge of your comfort level, which is different for every person. Therefore, your therapist will be checking in frequently with you to make sure you are experiencing the right level of therapeutic pressure.

Integrative Wellness Massage $95-60 Minutes $135-90 Minutes

The focus of Integrative Wellness Massage is overall relaxation and maintenance. The pressure can range from light to deep, depending on your needs. The massage can have focus on areas that need extra attention to make sure you feel the most benefit. You will feel balanced and your stress will melt away and you will leave feeling relaxed.  Ideal for stress reduction, relaxation and general wellness. Techniques included are: Swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger  point therapy, and shiatsu.

Aromatherapy Massage $55-30 Minutes $95-60 Minutes $135-90 Minutes
Experience the deep relaxation of an integrative massage with a custom blend of therapeutic grade essential oils selected specifically for you. Gwen will select oils just for you and help you address your physical or emotional concerns. The oils will give you a warm sense of relaxation.  

Upper Body Relaxer $55-30 Minutes
30 blissful minutes of integrative massage. You will experience a relaxing head, neck, shoulders and back massage.  Your upper body will feel de-stressed and relaxed ready to return to your day. Perfect for a lunch time tune up!

Pregnancy Massage $95-60 Minutes $135-90 Minutes
A soothing massage specifically designed for the expectant mother. Throughout your pregnancy your body will experience many changes. This massage can help ease those discomforts such as back pain, headaches, leg cramps, water retention and sciatic pain.  You may feel an increase in energy and be able to sleep better at night. You will feel lighter and more relaxed and know that you did something good for you and your baby. 

Hot Stone Massage $150-90 Minutes
Offers a deeper relaxation experience. This unique therapy incorporates a combination of earth elements heated balalt (lava) stones and select essential oils to create a truly wonderful massage experience. Flowing strokes with warm stones are applied to your body you feeling rested and rejuvenated. An absolute cold weather treatment to warm and relax the body. 

Couples Massage $185-90 Minutes $270-90 Minutes
Your couples massage will help reduce muscle tension and create balance and general well-being in your body. Together your stress will melt away and you will leave feeling relaxed.  We will customize the massage to meet your needs from a gentle touch to a firmer approach. Ideal for stress reduction, relaxation and general wellness, and a special treat for birthday, valentines or anniversaries.

On-site Chair Massage $90-60 Minutes
Wonderful addition to any party, bridal shower, or any special event. Energizing, stress-reducing massage performed over clothing in a special massage chair. In your workplace or office chair massage enhances productivity, promotes positive attitudes and relieves stress. Chair massage is an effective addition to employee wellness or incentive program in your office or corporate setting. 

 7% NJ Sales tax will be added to each service fee, unless a prescription for medical necessity of massage from your doctor is provided.

If you are a new client please print the New Client Intake Form, complete it and please bring with you to your first appointment.

Cash Only accepted. 24 hour cancellation is requested.

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