Are you ready to feel pain free?

Have you had neck pain for years and nothing has effectively decreased the pain in the long term?

Do you have muscle tension caused by stress or an injury?

Do you suffer from tension headaches?

Are you ready to gain confidence by relieving physical pain and preventing pain?

Massage can help. I am focused on pain and stress relief through massage therapy. I am an expert in deep tissue and wellness massage, using nueromuscular therapy and other techniques. That means that I address the source of the discomfort rather than smoothing over it with a fluffy, ineffective massage. I know how frustrating it is to invest time and money in therapy that doesn't work!

 Specializing in massage for:

  • Chronic back and neck pain
  • Scoliosis
  • Chronic stress
  • Injury pain management
  • Carpel tunnel

 ...and many other strain and stress conditions.

Each massage will be Toxic-Free, with the use of Organic oils and Rubs from Poofy Organics

 I will always listen to you and tailor each massage session to your specific concerns and needs. Ready to book a session?

Call or e-mail me at (908) 797-2745

If you are a new client please print the New Client Intake Form, please complete it and please bring it with you to your first appointment.
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